Revision Policy

We understand clients might need revisions to amend the solution uploaded by the tutor to get their desired results. In doing so, the client has to observe the following.

clients can request to have their work amended for free without any additional costs for as many times as possible for up to 10 days since the deadline indicated in our system.

Below are our revision terms:

  • Original instructions must correspond with final revision instructions. Otherwise, it will be treated as a new project & additional payment might apply.
  • A client has to use “Request Revision” button provided for in the project section
  • A client cannot open a dispute on an order in progress not unless the deadline has passed, you have to wait until the deadline you provided to ask for revision or open a dispute. If a client changes instructions for an order in progress, they have to as well edit the deadline & provide appropriate & reasonable deadline extension for project completion. A client cannot change instructions for an order in progress more than twice, if this happen, they will have to forfeit their first payment & pay for a new project.
  • Clients may not ask for an order in progress to be reassigned unless they can prove the necessity to reassign the order to a different writer.
  • A dispute escalates after 48hrs upon which the fate of the order will be determined, either a partial refund, a full refund or no refund. Dispute resolution solely rests on admins discretion & cannot be challenged.
  • A client cannot ask for revision for an order under dispute, if that happens, they lose the right to free revisions

Note, our primary goal is to leave our clients fully satisfied & we will always strive to meet our clients expectations without any exceptions!