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Enabling quality customer service; we are keen on responding to customer queries and offer the best support services.

Enabling us give you a personalized service that meets your individual specific needs

Enabling efficient use of our service; we are obliged to keeping all such private information confidential; in no event shall we share, sell or transfer your personal information without a valid consent from yourself. The information in our possession is reserved solely for the said purpose of use of this service.

Make our website better for improved user experience. It is in our interest that users have the best experience on our site.

Enabling Email communication; we are keen on communicating with all users on any changes, developments, prompt response to inquiries or such communication needs as they may arise from time to time.

Securing your personal information

Our service upholds the highest degree of security standards. All such information as pertains to financial transactions; credit cards, debit cards, social security number and such, will not, under any circumstance, be saved in our servers.

It’s important to note that we use cookies to monitor how you use our service

We, and all our third party partners, uphold the highest degree of confidentiality for our clients as provided in our policy statement of privacy and confidentiality. However, all such personal information that may lead to personal identification may be shared in compliance with federal, state or such laws under which, we and/or our third parties/partners, may/are under jurisdiction. General information may be shared, with your consent, for purposes of advertisements that may run on our site.

Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act

This service is compliant to the Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act

Be advised that our site is restricted to persons above the age of 13 years. Further, note that any registered user must be above 18 years old. Our service is in compliance with all such laws that protect minors, including, but not limited to, Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act.

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Developments in our Privacy Policy

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