Plagiarism Policy

We do not condone plagiarism; therefore, Plagiarism Cases are treated with utmost seriousness. A tutor who contravenes this policy & is convicted stands a penalty of $1500 with an immediate expulsion/ permanent ban upon a second infraction.

We highly value our clients time & money and our primary aim I to deliver High quality work free from any traces of plagiarism or zero similarity index.

Clients can request for plagiarism report to be sent together with their work while paying for their order at a cost of only $5. Plagiarism report basically shows the originality of the paper.

A client who alleges their work plagiarized and its proved by our able team beyond reasonable doubt can request to have their work redone, refund or reassigned to a different tutor.

We however rarely encounter plagiarism cases & therefore Our clients should have little or no worry regarding plagiarism because we hire top notch tutors who goes through intensive and extensive assessment to prove their suitability & competency.